We are still shocked by this news. The very fact of getting into the top 40 is already a great achievement. We thought, why don’t we win? This can’t be done without your help.

Voting is carried out on the site – Unpleasant difficulty – only owners of Twitter accounts can vote. Not the most popular social network in the Russian-speaking community. We really hope that you will help us become this very “studio of the yer”, restore access to your abandoned twitter account and press the “VOTE” button next to our logo.

It has always been important for us to make cool, spectacular projects. The theme is not important, the budget is not important, if there is a project, it will definitely be a bomb. Even if we are talking about developing a website for designers of gas pumping units. The main thing is to make it as cool as possible, to impress customers, designers, and ourselves. We are passionate about our work.

Now is the biggest opportunity to get the recognition you deserve. Therefore, we ask everyone who sees this message to follow the link , vote for us, ask all friends and acquaintances to vote. Infinite thanks to everyone who voted.