Recently, we often encounter the poor taste of our customers. As a rule, the person who makes the final decision is “behind the scenes”. That is, it requires making corrections through its managers, a focus group and other employees who cannot argue with their immediate superiors. Accordingly, an unpleasant situation arises in which there are practically no solutions (especially for a small company). With the head of a large company, holding, production, etc. There is no opportunity to meet, and the managers of this company have a clear task that they are obliged to fulfill.

As a result, the artist has 2 outputs:

Refuse to make deliberately incorrect changes that will only harm the project as a whole, slam the door and terminate cooperation.
Make corrections with which they disagree and complete the work to the end. So to speak, bend under the customer.
Trying to convey to the client that he is wrong is not going to work: as mentioned above, the person making the final decision is out of reach and transfers all his requirements through managers. Moreover, these managers may even be in solidarity with you, but they cannot influence the decision of their superiors.

Of course, the first version of the current situation is not acceptable for a small company. Working with a large and eminent organization is already a great achievement for a one and a half year old agency, so few people want to stain their reputation and become known as an unscrupulous performer.

Therefore, you have to follow the lead of the customer and make changes to it, which radically change the design, navigation of the site and more.

It’s good when the problem is solved constructively, that is, there is a middle ground, it seems that the customer likes it, and we didn’t sag much, but in 90% the final decision still remains with the client. A reasonable question arises — if you are so good at web design and website development, why do you need us?

We are convinced that everyone should do his own thing. After all, when you come to the dentist, you do not teach him how to treat your tooth? You go to the dentistry website, study the clinic, look at prices, read reviews, and sit down in his chair, fully relying on his professionalism. Our job is the same job as a dentist. Naturally, this does not mean that we do not want to pay attention to the words of the customer, this is completely not so. We always carefully listen to the wishes of our client, and with the final result we strive to exceed his highest expectations.

Summing up, I want to note one simple idea — high self-esteem is, of course, very cool, but it is not worthwhile to use it as a tool to influence others in all matters, especially which you are not an expert in. Even Bulat Okudzhava said — «When I seem genius to myself, I go to wash the dishes.»