New podcast🔥

The founder of Dprofile and Wemakefab talks about haters, pathos, attitude to their own, public conflicts and corruption.

Vitya Ryndin needs no introduction. Over the past few years, he, his team and his products have made so much noise in the design community that it was impossible not to hear about them. One Dprofile is worth a lot.

But like any public figure, Vitya acquired not only associates, but also got haters, and his projects participated in several heated conflicts. Dprofile as a tracing paper of Behance, conflict with Sergey Gurov, accusations of supporting his own, dependence on Sasha Laguta. This is just a small part of what we will analyze in our new video.

Vitya has a lot of interviews on YouTube. But in ours we will not (almost) talk about business, analytics, processes and other stuffiness. We went through a ton of information and collected the most “honey”, the most acute topics and thorny questions from the community. We will dispel a lot of myths and rumors.

And at the end of the video, a competition awaits you. You have a chance to win an AVA notebook with Nikita and Vitya’s autographs, as well as a black Dprofile T-shirt from the new collection (photo of the T-shirt in the carousel).

The conditions are as simple as possible:

— subscribe to AVA’s YouTube channel

— leave a sharp, funny comment on the topic “Why did this one get a cookie on Dprofile, but my masterpiece project didn’t.” Or else it’s just ridiculous and kind of like a Dprofile.

The author of the funniest comment receives the aforementioned prizes. We will send it to any city at our expense. The results of the competition are in a month.

Stock up on popcorn and go watch❤