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Sasha Laguta. Not about design. About how he is a family man, an entrepreneur and just what he is like in ordinary life.

We all know Sasha as an incredibly cool designer, one of the best in the world, if not the best. But not much is known about what he is like in his ordinary non-design life. Our interview is designed to remedy this situation.

The video will definitely not give you answers to the questions “what hotkeys Sasha uses”, “where he makes animation” and all that kind of stuff. There is enough of this kind of stuff on other channels. We were interested to know how Sasha combines fatherhood and his active professional activity, why we never see Katya in the public, why Sasha so actively participates in fights and so on. Of course, your favorite rubric “Scandals, intrigues, investigations” will also be.

And at the end of the video you are waiting for a contest, be sure to participate. The gifts are very cool❤️

Sochi, summer, sea, Laguta – let’s go watch!