Friends, we have important information. Especially for web studios, marketing agencies and companies that place more emphasis on website promotion than on development.

Recently, we are increasingly faced with a problem. We are developing a cool site. We think through every pixel, every little thing. We rent the perfect website that delights both us and the customer. The client is satisfied, decides to take up the promotion of this site, gives it to a familiar SEO partner or company that provides promotion services. Those, in turn, spoil the site with crooked headers, ruin the layout — they kill all our work.

A small digression — we are also engaged in website promotion, although this is not the main focus of Ava Digital. We are primarily interested in the development. There are several companies with which we have been cooperating since the conclusion of the first joint contract. We are engaged in their promotion, set up advertising campaigns without disfiguring our product. Everyone wins: the site sells for the customer, the flow of customers increases, the site we created continues to please the eye and presents us as good developers. But we spend the bulk of our time and energy on development, therefore we cannot undertake to support and promote all our projects.

We consider this state of affairs unfair in relation to our product and our client, who receives one site from us, and seo-specialists remake it into another. In this regard, we are looking for a partner company. We need seo-pros who will promote the sites we have developed, directly cooperate with customers. The partnership scheme is as simple as possible — we receive an order for the development of the site, we fulfill it. If the issue of website promotion is relevant for the client (SEO, context, smm, etc.), we will transfer the customer directly to you.

We are looking for a reliable company that approaches its work with all responsibility, does nothing to the famous “maybe”, respects its reputation, appreciates the work of others, does not deceive its customer and, in general, great fellows.

For communication and clarification of the details of the partnership, write to the mail — We will answer all your questions in detail. Our selection criteria are not strict, but we will choose with particular care. If you are from St. Petersburg — this is a big plus. We do not consider freelancers, private traders, etc. Need a full-fledged company from the legal. face.